Monday, September 26, 2005

26 September. New Call for Papers.
  • 20 September. New Queries
    and Replies
    (PBS adaptation
    of Wharton's works on video?).

  • 12 September.
    Garrison Keillor on "Edith
    Wharton and the War on Terror" in Edith
    Wharton in the News

  • 1 September. From Edith
    Wharton in the News
    Mint Theater Company
    will present a reading of the
    Edith Wharton/Clyde Fitch adaptation of The House
    of Mirth
    October 17.

  • 21 August. Updates
    to Edith
    Wharton in the News
    Price discussing Edith Wharton; from

  • Table of Contents for the most recent edition of the
    Edith Wharton Review.

  • Call for Papers for special issue of the Edith
    Wharton Review
    on teaching Wharton's works.


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