Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Student Queries


Specific request for criticism

I'm writing a research paper on Edith Wharton's novels The Age of Innocence and Ethan Frome. My idea is to compare the two and how she used the basic plot of a dissatisfied man (Ethan and Archer) having a restraint on his desired (Mattie and Ellen) and how the wife (Zeena and May) interfere with the desire and how they remain "faithful" to their wives because of society/appearance. My only problem: I NEED VALUABLE AUTHORED RESEARCH! I have found research on Wharton, just nothing that could help back me up on my topic. If anyone could supply some websites (please no books) with this type of info immediately, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Oh, and places you need to pay for research (like Questia) won't really help.

ANSWER: It's unlikely that you will find any of this on a web site; "valuable authored research" such as books and journals are found in libraries, and subscription databases of published criticism are not free.
Name of this Wharton story?

does anyone know the name of a short story that takes place on a cruise ship. There are two women, one of whom has a beautiful daughter. The story ends with a twist: the revelation that the daughter is the child of the other woman's husband, or something like that. THANKS.

ANSWER: This is the plot of "Roman Fever," although it takes place in Rome and not on a cruise ship.

Age of Innocence: Irony?

can you help me find the greatest irony in the age of innocence?


i cant come up with a good thesis statement for the irony in the age of innocence, can you help?


Help with deciding topic for M.A. thesis

I am a master student and I wanna write a thesis on edith wharton's short stories. I read some of the stories & I found out that I cannot generalise the subject since each story deals with different subject matters. can you help me to narrow my topic about the stories? a title is necessary for me including all stories urgently. Ihave two weeks to submit my subject to the instructor. banu aldım


ANSWER:Since the purpose of a thesis is to demonstrate your knowledge and mastery of the subject, only you and your advisor would know the answer to this. Think about these questions:

1. Do you see particular themes, characters, settings, or motifs appearing in several stories?

2. How do these elements differ from story to story?

Age of Innocence

what was the doubled standars in the Age of Innocence?
ANSWER: The idea of a "double standard" usually refers to different standards of sexual morality or purity being applied to men as opposed to the higher standards imposed on women. Can you see where these might exist in The Age of Innocence?

Manuscript of Summer

Are there any manuscripts of Summer preserved? Charity


ANSWER:A good place to look would be the Finding Aid at the Beinecke Library, available from the Research Resources page at this site.

According to that, the manuscript of Summer is there.

Movie of "Roman Fever"
Years ago I have seen a movie made after Edith Wharton's Roman Fever. I cannot manage to get hold of it. Do you have any info which coul dbe of some help ?

Many thanks for your help. JMJacqueline de Matignon

ANSWER: The Filmography doesn't list one, but if anyone has more information about this, please let us know.

Age of Innocence: Europe vs. New York

I have a topic to discuss about edith wharton's "the age of innocence": europe vs new york ".could you help me?or at least give me a key?

adou 2/20/06


I picked the book Sanctuary by Edith Wharton, and am having trouble finding much on it for my report. Do you have any siggestions for where I can find criticisms?

Alex 2-8-06

Summer: A Feminist Novel?

Question: Do you consider Edith Wharton's "Summer" to be a feminist book? If so why?

Jessica Roberts 2/8/06

"Souls Belated": 3rd person omniscient?

Is "Souls Belated" in the 3rd person limited or the 3rd person omniscient? Thank you.

Marsha McPherson 1-28-06

Scholars on "Xingu"

I would like to know if there are any scholars who have written on "Xingu."

N. 1-23-06



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