Sunday, August 21, 2005

Updates from the Edith Wharton Society Web Page

  • 21 August. Updates to Edith
    Wharton in the News
    Price discussing Edith Wharton; from

  • Table of Contents for the most recent edition of the
    Edith Wharton Review.

  • Call for Papers for special issue of the Edith
    Wharton Review
    on teaching Wharton's works.

  • 13 August. The 1934 version of The Age of
    run on the TCM (Turner
    Classic Movies
    ) channel on Thursday,
    August 18, at noon Eastern Daylight Time (9 a.m. Pacific
    Daylight Time). This version is not available on VHS
    or DVD, and it is rarely shown on television.

  • 5 August. Staatsburgh
    (Mills) Mansion as Bellomont in The House of Mirth (in Edith
    Wharton in the News)

  • 30 July. New Student
    (discussion questions
    for The Buccaneers?)

  • 12 July. Results of
    the nonbinding vote on constitutional changes at the
    House of Mirth Conference: 28 ballots returned; 27 approved;
    1 not marked.

  • 10 July. The
    on CBS Sunday Morning.